Wizard Miners

A race to the treasure under the mountain requires a great mining company. Why not one run by a wizard? Dig, drill, & blast your way while casting spells to slow your opponents down!

Description of game

In Wizard Miners, each player has a Mine Deck of cards that represents the cave they are mining. The object is to be the first wizard to clear all of the cards from your deck. As you mine, you will find gems in the rock. With these gems, you can buy more and better tools with which to mine, and dynamite to cave in your opponents’ caves. But what’s the point of having a wizard in charge if you aren’t casting spells? Each turn, each player can cast spells to make their tools mine better, break other players’ tools, blast rock from your mine, or cave in your opponents’ mines. Mining is important each turn as each roll of the dice gives you a chance to mine cards out of your deck. But, be careful! You also have to take time to clean up the rubble or those cards (minus their gems!) could cave back in on you and make you clear them again!

About our game

Wizard Miners was designed by Anthony Petruzzelli to be a fast-paced, fun game for 3-4 players who like some strategy and some luck in their games. Graphic Designs by Rob Revell and Angela Wrigley (who saved us all from Anthony’s terrible original art). Wizard art by Bill Fenton was designed to have a fun, whimsical character as the central figure. These people, along with many others who suggested ideas and tweaks along the way, have enjoyed playing the game and want to share it with you! Special thanks to Mike Gonski, Garrett Petruzzelli, and Steve Waer for their extensive playtesting, suggestions, and game convention support!

What’s in the Box

42 Card Mine Decks for Four Players, Four Wizard Starting Cards, Four Cave in Cards, Four Turn Summary Cards, Player Turn Marker, 60 Assorted Gems, Spell Counters, Dynamite markers, Digging and Cave in Dice, 75 Card Spell Deck, 60 Tool Cards.

How To Play The Game

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